Ways to Bring Your Remote Team Together

Ways to Bring Your Remote Team Together

Social distancing has changed the way most of us work. In just a few weeks, the remote workforce that took 15 years to triple to pre-COVID numbers is the new normal.

What’s normal look like? Zoom is now a verb. Your mute game has reached new levels—thanks to your quarantine companions. Your yoga pants are getting more wears than they have over your last five staycations combined.

We are all dealing with a ton of distractions, including an inescapable sense of uncertainty. Strong, level-headed leadership and culture has never been more important to your organization, or to your team members.

And that starts with virtual team building. Because two of the main challenges remote teams are facing today are feelings of isolation and poor communication.

So, what is virtual team building really?

Virtual team building is bringing remote employees together to hang out as a team—no spreadsheets, no business goals, just fun. It gives them time to decompress, reconnect and bond. Team building is a great way to keep everyone moving forward together without anyone—new hires included—feeling like an outsider.

Keep your team connected and inspired with these five team building activities:

1. Get together.

Remember team lunches and happy hours? Support local businesses and give your team the lift they need. Bring them together with your preferred video conferencing platform and bring the food to them with restaurant delivery services or food delivery apps. Face-to-face interactions and food are always a winning combo.

2. Make meetings interactive.

Whether you are going through a team training, or just a weekly status meeting, keeping your team members engaged can be more challenging when you are working remote. Spice up your regular routine with trivia apps like Kahoot. Random sports, history and pop culture questions are a great way to unwind.

3. Have a watch party.

With new browser extensions like Netflix Party you can stream and watch movies together as a team to celebrate your latest wins or just take a break—together. Pro-tip: for teams with parents—find some family-friendly titles.

4. Bring the kids.

Think Bring -Your-Kid-to-Work Day. Set up an optional time for employees to introduce their family members, partner or pets on a casual video call. These calls are a great way to get to know each other more on a personal level.

Also, they make a good buffer that comes in handy to make those screaming-toddler-on-a-conference-call moments 100x less awkward when they can at least put a name to a tantrum.

5. Unlock their hidden talents.

What does your team like to do outside of the office? Odds are they have some killer skills that have nothing to do with your business or their job. Invite them to share with an “open mic” coffee house—yes, Starbucks delivers.

Whether that’s live painting, live music or stand-up comedy, highlighting your team’s personal talents is fun and habit forming.

Need more support? We’re here for you.

At Staffing Strong, we here to help you and your team navigate the latest business challenges. We want to help. Drop us a line.

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