The 7 Steps to Starting Your Job Search

The 7 Steps to Starting Your Job Search


Are you ready to start the search? Let’s make sure. There are important steps that go into taking that next step in your career—seven to be exact. Make sure you do these things before ever clicking Apply.

  1. Get inspired.

Finding the right position doesn’t happen overnight.  The job search can be a drawn-out, nail-biting (and yes, sometimes soul-crushing) process. You’ll need an ample amount of coffee and plenty of motivation. Mashable found five Ted Talks perfect for getting you that “much-needed career inspiration”. Bookmark this page for those days you need a pep talk!

  1. Currently employed?

Looking to land a new position before you leave your current one? Great, that’s the ideal situation, but it can be tricky. First, ask yourself, are you really ready to leave your current employer? Review your reasons for wanting to move on and whether or not you should stick it out. Second, make sure you aren’t working your job search on your company’s dime. And last, make sure you aren’t sending signals to your boss or colleagues that you’re looking elsewhere. You’ll probably be spending a lot more time on LinkedIn, make sure you change this setting before you start tweaking your profile. Here are 9 more tips to keep your day-to-day job search in ‘stealth mode’.

  1. Check out your online reputation.

Before sending out those applications, make sure your online presence is hiring manager-ready. Why? Well, according to The Huffington Post, 80% of hiring managers will Google you before you ever get an interview invite. If they don’t find a LinkedIn profile or something “good and solid” that backs your resume, they’re less likely to make contact.

  1. Prepare to enlist your network.

Here’s another crazy stat: 78% of recruiters at hiring companies “rank referrals as the best source for quality hires”. That means knowing people at the businesses that are on your radar is the best buffer to get on theirs. In fact, having a referral makes you 15x more likely to get hired. Make sure you browse your companies of interest on LinkedIn and see if anyone in your network could be your next reference.

  1. Get ready to interview your interviewers.

That’s right. An interview isn’t just the time for a hiring manager or team to see what you’re made of it’s also the time when you to make sure this position is the one for you. Asking the right questions about the company culture, day-to-day in the position, and what the manager is looking for can give you a good idea of the fit. Asking questions also shows that you’re serious about the role. Need ideas? Here are 51 suggestions from The Muse, don’t use all of them!

  1. Give your resume a test run!

You’ll want to make sure your resume is current, summarizes your achievements, and stands out from the crowd. Run your resume by your friends and relatives who are hiring managers and of course, by your recruiter, (wink!)

  1. Find the right recruiter.

Partnering with the right recruiting firm can give you a powerful advantage to tap into opportunities that may not be listed publicly online. You want to make sure you find the right recruiter who will really partner with you as an advocate.

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