Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

There are over 433 million users on LinkedIn and many of them are probably competing for the same jobs. Here are some quick and easy steps to make sure your profile is on-point and getting noticed.

Make your headline pop

LinkedIn defaults your profile headline to your current position and company. The problem is having the-just-generic title and employer can make it easy to get lost in a crowd.

What you need to do? Be specific about exactly what you do and make it compelling. This should share your skills, your industry specialty, what you’re known for with some personality. Here’s an example: Lead Generation Artist and Marketing Pro Focused on Loyalty and Viral Content.

Share results in your summary

Your summary is the first thing visitors will see when they view your profile on LinkedIn – this section is ideal real estate for you to highlight your achievements and experience in quick, engaging bullet points. Here are some examples:

  • 10 years of experience in telling brand stories and increasing membership loyalty
  • 5 years of management, coaching and mentor experience
  • Reputation for doubling company’s brand presence online in first business quarter


Add working examples

One extra that too many LinkedIn members miss out on is uploading their best working examples – this is a must for Marketers. You can upload examples in your summary (including your portfolio) and include relevant samples that share your work for each position listed. Include a brief description about the example, what its purpose was and for bonus points, what the final outcome or results were. Here’s a quick video that shows you how.

Have you been published?

Thought Leadership is something businesses are talking a lot about these days. You can present yourself as a thought leader by adding any articles or blogs you’ve published off of LinkedIn under the Publications section. Here’s a quick video that shows you how.

Personalize that URL

You can easily personalize your LinkedIn URLu to make it more branded and easier to share with recruiters and hiring managers. This sounds simple, but it’s something employers look for in tech savvy applicants. Here’s a quick video that shows you how.

Add achievements under each position

Your LinkedIn profile is your resume, but online, pulling in more constant exposure from your network, theirs, and recruiters on the hunt. It’s important to share your biggest wins (and the numbers and stats behind them) for every role you have on your profile. You’ll want to include 3-5 for each. Here are some examples:

  • Contributed to sales increase for Q3 with marketing promotions tailored directly to customer needs and promoted via Sales department and online marketing outlets.
  • Negotiation skills yielded thousands in advertising and agency costs.


Share a blog post or two

When you publish blog posts on LinkedIn they display with your selected image at the very top of your profile. These posts are an excellent way to share your industry expertise and Marketing know-how. Whether you’re posting about how to measure Marketing Analytics, sharing how to develop Content Marketing strategies or explaining how to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing teams, this is a great place to show your writing and Marketing chops.

Meet the Authors

Evelyn Vega is the Founder and President at Staffing Strong and the President of the Phoenix American Marketing Association. Since 1999, she’s made her career about supporting her clients in building meaningful careers and partnering with businesses in finding quality hires. In her free time Evelyn is a Girl Scout Troop leader and yes, she can help you order some cookies.

Amy Roberts is a Senior Creative Recruiter at Staffing Strong and is on the Hospitality Chair for the Phoenix American Marketing Association. For more than ten years Amy has been helping professionals in finding their dream jobs.  She also makes a mean margarita.

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