3 Reasons to Stop Mass-Applying to Job Postings Right Now

3 Reasons to Stop Mass-Applying to Job Postings Right Now

It’s O.K, we’ve all been there. You’re either out of work or you’re more than ready to land another job, and sometimes it’s easy to panic or maybe even get trigger-happy with that Apply Now button. It can be tempting to use your cookie-cutter resume and apply for anything even somewhat resembling a relevant opportunity—why not right?

Well, actually there are a lot of reasons. This blog covers why you shouldn’t mass apply to every position posted and what to do instead.


1. Recruiters hate it.

Guilty! As we covered in a recent blog on application tracking systems (ATS), there’s a reason more than 98% of Fortune 500 companies use them to filter out less relevant candidates before any pre-interview screening. Basically, every time you apply for a job online your application is scanned immediately for qualifications and moves forward or stays behind based on how it’s scored with each unique job and company algorithm.  And with good reason, recruiters who spend hundreds or even thousands of hours vetting candidates every year have had to deal with unqualified or irrelevant applicants flooding into their open requisitions in droves. 

Not only does it seem like you don’t respect the employer’s time (or the recruiter’s) or take the job opportunity seriously, but if you don’t have the relevant skillset then it makes you a flawed candidate already because you don’t follow instructions. Make sure you are reading through the entire job description before ever clicking to apply. Do you hit all or at least most of the qualifications? If not, keep calm and keep on scrolling, (they will).

2. It isn’t a good look.

Applying for all positions under your general specialty without limiting your applications to the positions your experience closely aligns with can also make it look like you don’t know what you want out of your career or what your qualifications even are, to begin with—not a good look for an aspiring employee to a potential employer. A big red flag? If you’re applying to positions at every level of one or numerous departments at one company, (a trend that is identified by ATS and usually dings you before a recruiter or hiring manager can even eyeball your resume).

3. It’s a waste of their time—and yours.

Rapid-fire applying isn’t just a waste of time for your prospective employers, it’s a huge waste of your time as if the job search can’t be time-consuming and grueling enough. Time you could be spending on an approach to a targeted, deliberate job search. That means reading each job description in its entirety, tracking the roles you want to apply for later at which organizations, and carefully and thoughtfully tweaking your resume and cover letter so that it applies to that unique position specifically.

4. Apply with intention.

Maybe you have a versatile skillset, or you’re looking to pivot, or a company posts two similar roles. Don’t hold back, but only apply when you’re a qualified relevant candidate. Just be deliberate about it. 

That means reading the job description in its entirety. Make sure you’ve nailed down the qualifications, and cater the messaging on your resume and cover letter towards them.

5. Know where you stand.

Real talk, sometimes you might be feeling aspirational or mottos like fake it till you make it might pop into your head when an amazing opportunity appears in your LinkedIn feed or inbox. But those mantras don’t apply to applying for jobs. 

Don’t reach, instead, be honest with yourself about your professional strengths and skills and hone in on the job postings that compliment both.

We can help.

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Evelyn Vega is the Founder and President at Staffing Strong and the Past President of the Phoenix American Marketing Association. Since 1999, she’s made her career about supporting her clients in building meaningful careers and partnering with businesses in finding quality hires. In her free time, Evelyn sits on various advisory boards and enjoys practicing on her drum set!

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